Government Affairs Division

Chief DellOrfano

This division maintains connectivity and quality relations with the cities and counties we protect, including their management and elected officials. Similarly, the division assists the Fire Chief with the activities related to our boards of directors, including meetings and board/management relations. Strategic growth (including the processes, analysis, and negotiations related to regional partnerships/agreements, mergers, inclusions, and exclusions) is also supported by the division.

You will see that there are two main functions that are included in Government Affairs – The Fire Marshal’s Office and Strategic Services.

  • The Fire Marshal’s Office provides regulatory services (permitting, inspections, code compliance, investigations), supports the economic development of the region, and enhances partnerships with similar agencies and organizations. We look forward to combining SMFR’s and LFR’s Fire Marshal’s Office.

  • Strategic Services supports the analysis, documentation and processes related to accreditation, ISO, strategic growth, deployment modeling, data integrity, and other activities that support SMFR’s pursuit of constant improvement.