Administration Careers

South Metro Fire Rescue administration is made up of uniformed fire personnel that are there to protect life, property and the environment with their specialty involvement as well as staff personnel that provide administrative support and technical expertise. Both are equally collaborative and committed in pursuit of the organization's mission. If you want an exciting career in the fire service, please look at our Division and Bureaus overview below and click on our current job opportunities!

Divisions & Bureaus

South Metro Fire Rescue has a three Deputy Chief model along with an Executive Division and Government Affairs Division. 

The Executive Division consists of the Fire Chief and Executive Assistant. The Fire Chief oversees the District and ensures that the District provides the level of service set by the board of directors. To read a message from our Fire Chief, click here. The Government Affairs Division is responsible for all governmental connectivity with the board of directors and strategic services. 

1. Emergency Services is responsible for delivery of emergency services including fire fighting, emergency medical services, special teams, dispatch, and fleet. 

Operations - Firefighters and Paramedics

Emergency Communications Center (911 dispatch center)

2. Internal Services includes Business Services, Human Resources and Human Performance and Optimization. Business Services is responsible for construction management, finance, logistics, IT/GIS, and facilities. Human Resources maintains employee relations, as well as hiring and recruiting efforts. Lastly, Human Performance and Optimization includes our Wellness Division and Professional Development. 

3. Community Services  includes Fire Marshal's Office, Emergency Management, Community Risk Reduction, and Communications. 

Fire Marshal's Office

Community Risk Reduction


For a list of current job openings, click here.

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