Can I schedule a ride along with the department?

Yes, from the home page of our website, click on services then scroll down to Community Services and select Ride Alongs. Please note once a hiring cycle starts, ride alongs will be discontinued until the close of the hiring cycle.

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1. How do I become a Firefighter or Firefighter/Paramedic at South Metro Fire Rescue?
2. Do I need to have a valid EMT-B certificate to start the hiring process?
3. When does the Recruit Academy start?
4. Can I schedule a ride along with the department?
5. How am I notified during the hiring process?
6. Is South Metro hiring only firefighters or can firefighter/paramedic apply?
7. How can I obtain a CPAT?
8. When should I take the FireTEAM test and obtain my CPAT?
9. How do I get alerted when you post for a new position?
10. How do I prepare for the fitness evaluations if I become part of the hiring process?