When does the Recruit Academy start?

South Metro Fire Rescue conducts two hiring process per year. We hold one Fire Academy in the Spring (end of February) and another in the Fall (end of August). Please sign up to receive email notification of our job announcement by selecting to receive email alerts. To sign up, please visit our job postings page and click on notify me.

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1. How do I become a firefighter or Firefighter /Paramedic at South Metro Fire Rescue?
2. Do I need to have a valid EMT-B certificate to start the hiring process?
3. Can I still get hired if I have an EMT-B or EMT-P certificate?
4. When does the Recruit Academy start?
5. Can I schedule a ride along with the department?
6. How am I notified during the hiring process?
7. Is South Metro hiring only firefighters or can firefighter/paramedic apply?
8. What are the steps in the hiring process?