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1. Is it true that Retirees have access benefits to EAP?
2. Is there a list of “PEER Support Group Members” that retirees have access to?
3. Is there a comprehensive list of “Health Care Options” that retirees have access to?
4. Is there any additional information retirees can access with regards to “Pension & Investment Options”?
5. It has been rumored that Social Security Benefits may change or could be lowered for firefighters when retired?
6. Is there a retiree protocol for wearing SMFR Uniform for funerals?
7. Is there a way a retiree can purchase uniform replacement coat or pants?
8. Is there a SMFR Retiree Facebook Page?
9. Does SMFR provide access to the Wellness Center for retirees?
10. Does SMFR provide a Retiree ID Badge upon retirement?
11. Can a retiree access the Daily Staffing or Training?