Financial Planning into Retirement

Zach Leonard and Bryan Koepf with Morgan Stanley are both available to assist with financial planning/retirement planning and investment questions for anyone at SMFR.   

Comprehensive Financial Planning

After contacting/meeting with Bryan or Zach, the next step is comprehensive financial planning for long term planning. 

The goal here is to take into account all the moving pieces a person might have (pensions, other savings, mortgage, spouse’s retirement, etc.) and put together year-by-year projections leading up until retirement, and then along the way in retirement as folks convert from receiving a paycheck to paying themselves from their retirement accounts.

  • View document library to find a checklist that the financial advisors provide SMFR retirees as a guide to collecting the info necessary for planning.  
    • Please note that the list is not meant to be a prescription of what someone should have.  Instead, the financial advisors tell folks to treat it as a reminder of the all the things to think about that they might have.  

Zach Leonard
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Bryan Koepf, CFP®, CRPS®
Portfolio Management Director
Senior Vice President - Wealth Management
Financial Advisor

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