Station 20

Latest Updates on South Metro's New Fire Station #20

Station 20 rendering

South Metro Fire Rescue is pleased to be moving forward with the new fire station (Station 20) in Highlands Ranch. This station, which is expected to be approximately 8,420 square feet, will be located on the corner of Wildcat Reserve Parkway and Summit View Parkway. Currently, the construction documents for the station are in plan review and permitting process with Douglas County and South Metro Fire, and once the plans are fully approved and permitted, construction is expected to begin in January of 2020. South Metro then expects the station to open late 2020.

This new station is a commitment that South Metro Fire Rescue made to Highlands Ranch as part of its inclusion into the District and will help reduce emergency response times to an area of Highlands Ranch that has experienced historically extended response times. South Metro is excited to provide a new level of service to the citizens of Highlands Ranch with this additional fire station.

 South Metro will continue to post updates and information to our website on this new station, as it becomes available. 

For more information on Station 20, please see the links below:

  • Community Letter and Proposed Location:  This letter was distributed to households in Highlands Ranch, whom live close to the vicinity of where the proposed location.

  • Station 20 Predicted First Due: This provide the area where Station 20 would be first due.  This map was was run on South Metro's street data using ESRI Network Analyst, Service Area function.

  • Station 20 Call Volume by Hour of Day:  This document outlines data (pulled from 2018) on how many calls per hour of day that was in the Station 20 proposed location's first due.

  • Traffic Analysis: This analysis was done to determine traffic patterns and analysis in and around the area of the proposed Station 20 location.