Pre-Planned Special Events

South Metro Fire Rescue (SMFR) does participate in pre-planned special events within our District, and will attempt to make reasonable accommodations to participate in these in a manner that does not adversely impact our ability to provide mission critical service to its customers.

A pre-planned special event is defined as a non-routine activity within SMFRs jurisdiction requiring additional planning, preparedness, and mitigation efforts. Special events may draw a large crowd, pose safety/security concerns, require special permitting and/or require SMFR personnel/equipment to be present.  Event organizers may also request SMFR personnel/equipment such as medical, specialty teams or other apparatus and personnel for their event.

Request for SMFRs participation in a pre-planned special events must meet the following requirements:

  • Must originate through SMFRs external website
  • Must be a public event within SMFRs jurisdiction
  • Notification of event must be a minimum of three weeks prior to the scheduled event date
  • Must contain a public safety education element or a community relations opportunity

Due to the amount of requests that SMFR receives, we are unable to:

  • Attend a for-profit business endorsement event (i.e grand openings)
  • Fill dunk tanks or swimming pools
  • Use aerial apparatus to drop items that may cause harm to individuals on the ground
  • Host birthday parties at residences or at any SMFR facility

Please note that your event may require a permit.  We ask that you review the details below carefully before submitting a request. If you are unsure if your event requires a permit, please contact our Fire Marshal's office at 720-989-2230. 

✔       If your event does not require a permit but you would like to request personnel/equipment such as medical or specialty teams, click here.

✔       For a list of applicable fees for our pre-planned events, click here.

You Need a Permit, if:

  • The event is anticipated to host more participants than would normally be encountered in the building or area.
  • The event will employ crowd control measures that can impact egress, such as fencing an outdoor area to admit only ticketed participants.
  • The event will impact access to buildings by fire apparatus, including the closing of streets, driveways, and any part of a marked fire lane.
  • The event will include tents which are larger that 400 square feet (20’x20’).
  • The event will include food trucks and/or use of portable cooking appliances, especially propane appliances.
  • The event will include open flame or any type of fireworks display.
  • The event will occur in a building that is normally used for a different purpose, such as using an aircraft hanger for a charity dinner; using a school gymnasium for a retail craft fair; using a warehouse building for a dance party.

If you'd like information on how to apply for a permit, please click here.