Code Compliance


The Code Compliance Section of the Fire Marshal's Office is primarily responsible for conducting inspections in our existing businesses and buildings to ensure those buildings are safe and are compliant with the adopted fire code. Our inspectors are assigned a primary, geographical area of our district, but may perform their duties in any area of our district. This team of professionals perform these inspections on a risk-based inspection cycle and will inspect all identified inspectable occupancies within a three-year period.

  1. Adopted Fire Code
  2. Helpful Documents

South Metro has adopted fire code standards throughout its district.  See below for a full list. 

Adopted Code
Appendices Adopted
Other Amendments
Arapahoe County (Unincorporated)2015 IFCB, C, D
Town of Bow Mar2012 IFCB, C, D, F and I
City of Castle Pines2015 IFCB, C, DLink
City of Centennial2015 IFCB, C, DLink
City of Cherry Hills Village2015 IFCB, CLink
Douglas County (Unincorporated)2012 IFCB, CLink
Town of Foxfield2015 IFCB, C, DLink
City of Greenwood Village2012 IFCB, CLink
Jefferson County (Unincorporated)2012 IFC

City of Littleton2009 IFC

City of Lone Tree2018 IFCB, C, D
Town of Parker2018 IFCB, C, D