The Fire Marshal's Office


The Fire Marshal’s Office is responsible for all aspects relating to code enforcement in our existing buildings and facilities and for all new development, construction, and permitting services. This also includes ensuring our communities are reducing risk during special events and similar activities through enforcement of the fire code.

In addition to those services, the Fire Marshal’s Office is responsible for investigating all fires, explosions, and hazardous materials incidents for the origin, cause, and circumstances resulting in the incident and to see investigations through prosecution if a crime has been determined to have been committed. The Fire Marshal’s Office also creates and maintains pre-incident plans of our commercial buildings to aid emergency responders in their mitigation of incidents, in addition to, providing youth firesetting evaluations and intervention services to reduce our communities’ risks associated with youth firesetting activities.

Since the Fire Marshal’s Office serves multiple cities and three counties, we enforce various editions of the International Fire Code specific to the geo-political boundaries we serve. View the currently adopted editions of the fire code and the associated amendments.

The services described above are provided by the following divisions and sections of the Fire Marshal’s Office:

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Anthony Valdez

South Metro Fire Marshal

  1. Development, Construction and Permitting
  2. Code Compliance and Investigations

The Development and Construction Division provides plan review, permitting, and inspection services pertaining to all new development and construction, including modification to existing buildings, and permitting of special events. The division is staffed with six plan review personnel including a licensed fire protection engineer, six construction inspection personnel, two permit coordinators, and is managed by a deputy fire marshal.

The South Metro Fire Marshal’s Office proactively protects life and property while supporting economic development and sustainability of the built environment through solution-oriented engineering, inspections and investigations in partnership with our stakeholders.