Fire Sprinkler Tax Rebate

Fire sprinkler systems have been a proven method of protecting commercial buildings for decades and we’ve seen how they can prevent the familiar fire tragedies in apartments, high-rises, nightclubs, and many other buildings that we frequent.  Now, the national building codes have mandated the same level of protection for our homes, since the home is where most fire injuries and deaths occur.  Some cities and counties have adopted this new home fire sprinkler requirement, while others have not.  Some have at least required homebuilders to offer sprinklers to future homebuyers.  Regardless of local policy, South Metro Fire Rescue strongly believes that fire sprinklers in homes will dramatically improve the safety of our citizens and firefighters.  Therefore, from 1/1/2016 to 12/31/2019 we are offering a $1,000 one-time property tax rebate for any newly-constructed home that is voluntarily protected by fire sprinklers.  Find out who is eligible and how to apply, 

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