Hazardous Materials Reporting

Required Information

Facilities within SMFR’s jurisdiction containing hazardous materials in excess of those in the table below are required to report to the Arapahoe/Douglas Hazmat Team via their web applicationThis information is used to aid emergency crews responding to a facility during a fire, release, or exposure involving hazardous materials. It is also used by SMFR to aid in determining whether your facility is in compliance with the International Fire Code.

Classifying hazardous materials is the responsibility of the business owner or their designee.  If you need assistance classifying hazardous materials in your facility, you may refer to the Material Safety Data Sheets or consult with a professional such as a fire protection engineer or an industrial hygienist.

Arapahoe/Douglas Hazmat Team Reportable Quantities Table


Reportable Quantity1

Flammable Liquids

Class IA: > 30 gallons.

Class IB or IC:  > 120 gallons.

Flammable Gases

Discuss with inspector.4

Combustible Liquids

All Classes:  >120 gallons.

Compressed gases

Discuss with inspector.4


Discuss with inspector.4


> 5,000 pounds or 500 gallons.


Discuss with inspector.4

Flammable Solids

> 125 pounds.


Class 4:  Any amount.

Class 3:  Discuss with inspector.4

Class 2:  >250 pounds or 25 gallons.

Class 1:  Not required to report

Infectious Substances

Any amount.

Extremely Hazardous Substances2

Any amount.

Toxics or Highly Toxics

Any amount.


Any amount.

Explosives (including powders)

Any amount.3

Water Reactives

Class 3: Any amount.

Class 2:  >50 pounds or 5 gallons.

Class 1:  Not required to report.

Unstable Reactives

Class 4:  Any amount.

Class 3:  Any amount.

Class 2:  >50 pounds or 5 gallons.

Class 1:  Not required to report.

Organic Peroxides

Unclassified Detonable:  Any amount.

Class I:  Any amount.

Class II:  >50 pounds or 5 gallons.

Class III:  >125 pounds or 12 gallons.

Class IV or V:  Not required to report.


Report if also reported to CDPHE.

  1. Please note that a single material may fit into more than one category, and the cumulative quantity of multiple materials with the same properties must be considered.
  2. As determined by the Environmental Protection Agency. See this link for the current list.
  3. Ammunition is not required to be reported.
  4. For quantities indicating “discuss with inspector,” please contact Rich Conroy at 720-989-2250 or Compliance Section Supervisor Mike Williams at 720-989-2258.



How to Report

This document contains instruction for new businesses that have not reported before.

This document contains instructions for existing businesses that have reported but can no longer access their account.