Wildfire Mitigation

South Metro Fire Rescue Authority (SMFRA) is committed to reducing the risk of wildfires. It's a collaborative approach that involves firefighters, community risk reduction specialists, planners, water supply technicians, emergency managers, and other subject matter experts as well as residents and property owners.

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SMFRA has adopted a Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP), a planning document for our prevention and suppression activities. The CWPP identifies communities in our district that face low to very high risks for wildfires based on vegetation, building construction, water supply, and other criteria. Communities and fire districts with CWPPs are eligible for state, federal, and private grants to offset the costs of mitigation.

Wildfire Risk & Prevention

Residents of those communities (and other district residents) can learn about wildfire risk and prevention in our CWPP. We’re encouraging each of those communities to develop their own neighborhood mitigation plans to identify mitigation priorities and create implementation plans.

Neighborhood representatives can meet with a representative of SMFRA to identify hazardous areas within their neighborhoods and strategies for reducing those hazards.  We already are working with the City of Castle Pines, Happy Canyon, Misty Pines, Plum Valley Heights, Surrey Ridge and High Prairie Farms/The Timbers, Ponderosa Hills and Hidden Village.  We look forward to working with other neighborhoods too. 

Safety for Families 

We have several existing tools families can use to improve their safety: the Ready-Set-Go and Fire-Adapted Communities brochures emphasize the responsibilities we share in more rural areas of our fire district. We have a special brochure for suburban and urban neighborhoods called Wildfire Resistant Landscaping for Urban Areas.  We also have guidance for builders and remodeling projects called the Ignition Resistant Construction Guide.

Although the risk of wildfires is highest in the southern part of our fire district, all of us can benefit from making our homes more resistant to external fires, whether it’s the neighbor’s house on fire or a patch of open space burning.