Middle School Programs

Misuse of Fire by Children

Curiosity about fire is a natural part of growing up, but some children experiment with fire without adequate supervision or, misuse it. South Metro Fire Rescue Authority (SMFRA) personnel are trained to help families determine the risk of future fire-setting and consider the consequences of misusing fire.

Risk Matters (7th grade)

Risk-taking is critical for human development and this class will empower students to RISKdiscern between good risks and bad risks based on costs and benefits and based on the physiology and anatomy of brain growth for pre-adolescents and adolescents. Seventh graders are at the cusp of a massive growth spurt neurologically and socially; this program will help them maneuver both so that they can be safer individually and collectively.

Crash Matters (8th grade)

Firefighters encounter proof of Sir Isaac Newton's Laws of Motion when they respond toCRASH motor vehicle crashes. In this program based on state academic standards, SMFRA's life safety educators discuss crash dynamics and identify the importance of seat belts, airbags, and good decision-making.