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Request an Engine/Medic Visit, Schedule a Station Tour, or Visit to a School (current form)

  1. NOTE: Please use this request form to visit former Cunningham stations as CFPD and South Metro Fire Rescue consolidated on 1/1/2018.

    We are pleased to schedule tours for residents of our fire district at any of our 20 fire stations. All requests MUST have a minimum two weeks notice. SMFR will make every effort to accommodate your request on the date and/or time you request. 10:00 am is the earliest all tours and demos are able to start in the morning. If department training and/or stations issues prevent scheduling as you've requested, we will make every attempt to work with you. With regard to requesting an engine or medic unit at a Community Special Event, the following will be taken into consideration (per SMFR Special Events Policy):

    • The request must not be for a business endorsement such as a Grand Opening

    • A charity event at a business or for-profit organization may be permitted if the following conditions are satisfied:
      o The company or business has partnered with a life or fire safety organization in a safety related campaign
      o There is a published educational curriculum for this campaign
      o There are members of a life or fire safety organization assisting in the effort

    Please Note: South Metro is not able to accommodate birthday parties at residences or festivities at our stations. In addition, the crews are not able to go out-of-service during any event.
    Please submit your request and a staff member will be in touch with you within two business days.

    Please provide an email address in order to receive communication and conditional confirmation of your request. We will be in touch with you once we have reviewed our Training Schedule to check our availability on the day and time you have requested.

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