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  1. Intent to Test for the Paramedic/Firefighter Process Deadline 11/18/2016

    For those that are intending to apply with South Metro Fire Rescue as a Entry Level or Experienced Paramedic/Firefighter. The Deadline... More…


  1. 2017 EMT-B Class Application

    General application form which will be reviewed before select candidates are allowed to register for the class.

  2. Ask a Code Question
  3. Home Fire Sprinkler Tax Rebate Application

    Tax Rebate Application

  4. Public Records Request Form - (NON MEDICAL RECORDS)
  5. Request an Engine/Medic Visit, Schedule a Station Tour, or Visit to a School

    This form is for requesting an engine/medic visit, scheduling a tour of a fire station, or scheduling a visit to a school

  1. Ambulance Payment Form
  2. Ask A Firefighter Form
  3. Job Application
  4. Report Concern / Compliment
  5. Station Tour Request Form