Medical Coverage / Healthcare Options

There are many important decisions to be made before retiring -- and continuing medical coverage should be a priority.  There are options for health insurance after retirement although many may not be perfect or inexpensive.  You must start months ahead of your retirement by doing research and making decisions well ahead of your retirement date so as to have continuing coverage.  This is especially true if you presently have ongoing or preexisting condition(s). 

Possible Options:

  • Other employment with retiree medical benefits or small club or special interest group plans.   
  • Your retiring employer using available COBRA benefits. 
  • Signing onto your spouse or significant others benefit plans under life changing events. 
  • Check private medical provider companies for individual plans. i.e. Anthem, United Health Care, Kaiser, etc 
  • Use Health Care Brokers in Colorado and your local area. Utilize the internet.   
  • Web site search on-line for multi medical insurance providers., etc. 
  • Colorado Market Place for plans, and income credits for premiums on plans if  your income allows, or to seek income assistance for Medicaid. 
  • Medicare disability insurance if approved, see Medicare. 
  • Medicare age 65 coverage. Part A, B, C or D with enough employment credits.  
  • High deductible catastrophic plans. 
  • *Medical insurance in Colorado is regulated through DORA Department of Regulatory Agencies, Division of Insurance.  Check their site for information. 
  • Contact the Colorado Affordable Care Act exchange site at or 1-855-752-674.  You can view plans and cost, signup, and get broker assistance.