South Metro Emergency Communications Center - IDT

The Incident Dispatch Team (IDT) is a team of specially trained dispatchers operating locally.  The specialized team was established for rapid deployment to major incidents to facilitate communications, logistics and planning functions during the first operational period.

  1. Why Build an IDT
  2. Training Needed
  3. Role of IDT Team

Why Build an IDT?

  • The 9/11 Commission Report identified interoperability and communications as top priorities requiring improvement in public safety response.
  • 15 years later, most after action reviews of major incidents continue to list communications as an area in need of improvement.
  • Command & Communication vehicles can not solve problems alone.
  • Trained and experienced personnel are required to make the systems work.
  • Not every critical incident requires or can accommodate these large vehicles.
  • Frequent training, pre-planning and interaction between dispatch & operations personnel can help prevent common communication problems.
  • Deploying trained dispatch personnel to the scene of major incidents can help mitigate communications issues early on.