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South Metro Fire Rescue’s Dispatchers perform emergency dispatch services for South Metro Fire Rescue and multiple volunteer fire agencies including: West Douglas County, Bennett, Byers, Deer Trail, Sable Altura and Strasburg Fire. Emergency Communications is staffed with 24 full-time dispatchers covering a total of three shifts. Each shift also consists of one supervisor and one lead dispatcher. An Emergency Communications Manager oversees the three shifts under the direction of the Emergency Communications Director and Division Chief of Line Support. Emergency Communications serves nine fire departments, 36 stations and a population over 540,000 located in 1,800 square miles of mixed terrain.

Dispatchers are responsible for receiving and prioritizing emergency and non-emergency telephone calls, dispatching fire and medical resources, performing Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) and managing radio communications. The Emergency Communications Center has special teams like the Incident Dispatch Team (IDT)  where dispatchers will respond immediately to an incident and the Public Education Team. South Metro Fire Dispatchers work 24-hour shifts on a modified Kelly schedule, including overtime and holidays as needed in a 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week operation.

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