Emergency Medical Services

Emergency medical services are a critical function of the South Metro Fire Rescue (SMFR). SMFR fire service personnel are frequently the first responders to medical emergencies.

SMFR provides an emergency response with highly-trained professionals. The firefighter (FF) / EMTs medical certification level varies from EMT or Paramedic. It is SMFR’s goal to provide advanced life support (ALS) response to the district. All FF/Paramedics operate under the Denver Metro Protocols. It is SMFR’s goal to provide Advanced Life Support (ALS) response to the District. A typical initial response for emergency medical calls are, at a minimum, a Basic Life Support (BLS) fire engine/squirt/tower/truck with an ALS transport Medic unit responding as well. If needed, neighboring fire districts and/or private ambulance companies provide backup ALS patient transport via established automatic and mutual aid agreements.

Our commitment is that you receive great care from our EMTs and Paramedics, however, property taxes alone do not cover the cost of the SMFR ambulance transport service. SMFR bills for reimbursement of ambulance service are provided only if we transport you or a family member to a hospital. Our billing for ambulance patient transport charges is provided by an outside third-party vendor.

Billing & Payment Inquires

DigiTech Expert EMS billing and technology

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Transport & Other Fees

South Metro Fire Rescue's EMS fees include:

  • Transport Fee - $1,374.02
  • Per Mile Fee - $17.51